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Government Relations

As an official chapter of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), Tennessee BTA supports the efforts of GBTA in providing a unified voice for the business travel industry.  Through our Legislative Liaison and engaged members, Tennessee BTA participates in various activities to further the interests of our industry.  The importance of these efforts are best summarized by GBTA:

"Business travel accounts for a significant portion of the travel industry, one of the most important segments of the American economy, which employs one in every seven workers. Travel plays an integral role in the success of American businesses in every industry. GBTA members contribute heavily to that success, directing more than $170 billion in travel & entertainment expenses each year. Laws and policies that affect GBTA members and their companies' travelers have a real impact on American businesses and the economy."

Get Involved Today!

You have an opportunity to speak out on behalf of your profession, employer and industry.  Check out these links to the government relations activities of GBTA and get involved today:

  • Issues -- This section is meant to help you navigate and understand the public policy issues that affect your travel program.

  • The Grassroots Advocacy Action Center -- current news on legislation affecting business travel and interactive opportunities to make your voice heard in Washington.

 BTPAC 2019

Business Travel PAC:

Business Travel PAC is the bipartisan GBTA USA political action committee or PAC.  As the only federally recognized PAC representing the business travel industry, it gives the industry another voice in the political process.  Through Business Travel PAC, GBTA members educate and financially support members of Congress who understand the value of business travel and support pro business travel interests.  When government policies can make such a big difference in your lives – and the success of your employer and the business travel industry – participation in the political process is essential.  Members:  click the BTPAC logo to donate today!

Further Information:

To learn more click here: GBTA Advocacy

For further questions about our government relations efforts, please contact the TBTA Legislative Committee at [email protected].